June 5, 2024   Anne

Jennie tells Vogue Singapore what her life has been like since embarking on this new stage of her career, her latest creative projects and how Chanel continues to inspire her.

Jennie. There’s something about the name that feels new lately. Your independent label, Odd Atelier, marked the beginning of your solo activities by creating ‘attention-grabbing novelty’.

As someone whose every move is exposed to the public, it’s my role to show a new side of me each time. I’m always wondering, “What new aspect of me can I reveal this time?” I wanted to create a space where I could fully immerse myself in exploring such ideas.

As you embark on this new chapter, what impactful advice has your mother given you?

My mum is the type to believe in and trust me in whatever I do. We had many conversations this year, and her advice to avoid rushing and pursue my path in my own way was reassuring.

You’ve had a longstanding partnership with Chanel. How have you been inspired recently by this familiar companion?

Witnessing Chanel’s autumn/winter 2024 ready-to-wear collection in Paris was an inspiring experience. The films projected on the large screens along the runway exuded Chanel’s romantic essence and evoked the fragrance of Deauville, a city cherished by Gabrielle Chanel. Perhaps it struck a deeper chord with me because my first journey with Chanel took place in Deauville. From the beautiful sea to the models strolling along the city’s bridge, every element on the runway, the appearances by Penélope Cruz and Brad Pitt in the short film directed by Inez and Vinoodh, felt remarkably vivid.

You’re a globetrotter. Is there a particular city you currently identify with the most?

Seoul, perhaps? I’ve travelled to many places, but it’s Seoul’s unique charm of blending urban life with nature that always sparks my inspiration and drive. It’s the city that I resonate with the most.

Out of all the big and small decisions you made this year, which one brought you the greatest satisfaction?

I’ve engaged in various endeavours since my debut, but my main focus has always been connecting with fans through music as a singer. Amid hectic schedules, however, there were moments when I had to give up activities I wanted to pursue. This year, I made a commitment to prioritise what brings me joy. This began with the release of a Christmas cover song towards the end of last year. There’s a joy that can only be felt when communicating through music, and it was fulfilling and rewarding to see many people enjoy it.

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding your upcoming solo album. While there isn’t much that can be disclosed at this point, what’s one aspect of the new music that you can share?

These days, I’ve been dedicating nearly all my time to music production and I often lose track of time. I’m working diligently with the aim of reaching a wider audience with my music, so please look forward to it. I promise to return in a manner that exceeds all your expectations.

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